Hat called Folk Art for your Head?

I found this pattern on Ravelry, but don’t know how to communicate with Ravelry…so I now have the pattern, but it’s a basic rolled brim hat, all stockinette, knit in the round…BUT: it says to use TWO circular needles, cast on 90 stitches, then move half to the second needle. WHY?

I have knit hats on one circ before, can’t imagine how to do this…why two needles? anyone…???


Knitting with two circular needles is just another method of knitting in the round. I think there are instructions in the video section…maybe under advanced techniques. I learned this way before I learned magic loop.

If you are familiar with another method and prefer it you should be able to do the pattern anyway. I never use a 16" anymore because I don’t want to have to transfer stitches to another method for the crown.