Hat brims: 1x1 vs 2x2 ribbing?

I’m now starting my second ever hat, and I was wondering which type of ribbing would be best for the brim. I want one that uses the least amount of yarn possible (because I’m afraid I might not have enough to finish the hat anyway, and so trying to save on yarn), but also of course one that’s good and stretchy but retains its shape really well. My pattern calls for 2x2, and that’s what I used for my first hat, but I just don’t really like the way it looks–I like 1x1 better. Suggestions? What do you usually use for beanie hat brims?

Personally I like the look of the 2x2 rib better and feel like hats stay in place better.

Not sure, but it’s possible 2x2 uses less yarn. (Logic of extra yarn that happens between knit and purl and there’d be fewer of them in 2x2.) You could try 3x1 or 1x3 or 3x3 or seed stitch or whatever. Garter would use more yarn, I believe.

Or just do less brim. You could do 1" of 1x1 before moving into the body.

Do your own experiment. Knit 10 stitches in one type of ribbing, put in pins at the start and end. Unravel, measure the distance between the pins. Then do the same for the other rib. Everyone’s stitching is different so that’s the only way to be sure for yourself.