Hat brim

I have enough yarn left after knitting baby cardigan that I have decided to make a hat to go with the sweater. I’m going to use Boat ride sun hat. It’s on ravelry and yarnspiration. In reading the pattern, I’m confused about the brim. First I was surprised the brim was worked separately them seamed to body of hat. Wondered why it couldn’t be attached during knit. But since I guess I really can’t visualize how this works I’ll do as directed. But my real question is about wrap and turn. I understand the mechanics of the stitch but the next row of brim (row4) says k1,*p1k1; repeat from * to end of row. It seems they mean literally to end of row including the wrapped stitch because down at row 15, the stitch count is still 12. I think I just can’t visualize what I’m doing so it’s making it hard for me to understand. Do I have this right.

This hat is in my favorites but I haven’t made it yet and didn’t realize the unusual construction.

The hat is knit bottom up with decreases at the crown. The brim is knit perpendicular to the direction of the hat. The brim is knit around the circumference of the head.
The short rows add rows to the outer portion of the brim. The inner edge of the brim will be seamed to the stockinette body of the hat. That’s what gives you the roll to the brim rather than just a beanie with a turned up brim.

So on row 4, I knit in pattern to wrapped stitch, knit the wrap and next stitch together and knit in pattern to end of row? I had relooked at pattern and saw the explanation of wrap and turn and it seems to imply this. I missed explanation the first glance through. Teach me to be more attentive.

Really, I sometimes amazed at what I miss the first time through a pattern. Yes, knit the stitch and its wrap together. The total stitch count will remain the same throughout.

Thanks. I now feel confident to proceed with this pattern. I think it will be a nice addition to the sweater, for a gift.

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