Hat brim rolling

[color=blue][/color] :thinking: Hi all you knitters. I’m new on here. I knit a little, need a lot of help :blush:
I have been trying to make a pull on hat for my G.D. I have a problem with the brim rolling on me. I know this is so simple of me but, what to do? :?? If I wanted it to roll I’m sure it wouldn’t.
I have made a baby sweater, turned out ok. I make socks for myself and friends.
Hope to hear some feedback.

It’s rolling because you’re knitting in stockinette. I’m not psychic, but I do know that stockinette will roll. Period. I take it you don’t want a rolled brim hat, so if you make a border of about one inch of rib, you won’t have the rolling problem at all.

Oh, and welcome! :smiley: