Hat bind off

I finished the hat (hooray), but don’t know how to bind if off.

I’m knitting on the round and want to bind it off in a way that it’s closed. Do I bind it off like I’d normally bind off in the flat and then sew it together, or is there a way to bind if off so I don’t need to sew it later?

I tried kitchener stitch last time, and the result was awful.

I’m assuming then that the hat is knit bottom up. Did you do decreases so all you have left are a few stitches? If so you cut the yarn about 6 inches long or so, thread it on a yarn needle and put it through the remaining stitches a couple times then weave in the ends.

But if I pull it through the stitches, won’t that undo the knitting?

No it won’t unravel the sts, the tail will hold them together. I do thread it through a second time that holds it really well and if I ever have to undo a hat for some reason, I have a hard time with undoing it.