Hat and scarf for my 3 yr old

I finished off a hat for my 3 yr old. The scarf, well… yeah the scarf was supposed to be a baby blanket. But I wasn’t happy with the way it was turning out. So I just casted off and decided it would work as a scarf for my daughter.

Oh yeah duh I forgot to add…

I used the Homespun on the hat and the simply soft for scarf. 3 different colors on the scarf. Pink, yellow and rainbow.

Oh they are beautiful. I love the hat it is so cosy looking. What a great idea the blanket becoming a scarf it looks stunning.

Beautiful little girlie too! :muah:

Sharon x

Beautiful work, and your daughter is a cutie!


And the hat and scarf are great too!

I :heart: :heart: the hat!! It’s looks so soft and fuzzy and warm. I like the scarf too, all girlie colors.
Your daughter is a cutie!! :cheering:
do you have the pattern for the hat?

awwwwwwww your daughter is soooo cute!! :smiley: and the hat and scarf look adorable on her! good job!!..I especially love that scarf!! :smiley:


The hat and scarf are cute too :wink:

Mama Bear

Too cute :cheering:

SO SO SO CUTE!! :heart:

And the hat and scarf are adorable too! :teehee:

I got the pattern from a Patons guidebook but I altered it. The pattern called for gater st the entire thing. But I just did it for about 8 rows then purled the rest. Did decreasing for the top and seamed up the back. Super easy!

I am making 2 more just like it for my neices.


What a precious face!

And that hat! How cute is that? It’s so sweet.

Your daughter is so sweet! :heart:
[size=2](and projects are great, too :wink: )[/size]

So cute!! Love them both!!! Your daughter is a doll! :cheering: