Hat and first mitten

My dog is modeling the hat just because he was handy. It’s your basic ribbed hat (on your basic lab mutt), with wide contrasting “brim” and 2 tassels. One mitten is done, and it’s the first mitten I’ve ever made. Don’t know why I thought mittens would be hard.


P.S. For some reason, the image won’t upload; seems I don’t have access privileges. What’s up with that?

Hi Carol .

You may have to add the pic in a new reply. Sometimes when you go back and try to edit to add a picture it will not let you .
Just try adding the picture in a rely to this thread .:slight_smile:

trying to upload photo again. I also made it smaller, just in case.

Okay, that is too adorable. The contrasting brim color works well with the colors in the hat and hand portion of the mitten. Job well done. :thumbsup:

Also, if you click on your picture it enlarges quite nicely.

Thanks, Katrina! After I get the second mitten done, I’m going to make a scarf with the same yarns but striped. That is, gray stripes and gray/white stripes, with fringe. Hm, it occurs to me that the scarf might be more interesting if I knit it sideways, having the stripes narrow and running the length of the scarf. In garter st.

:happydance: They look great!!