Has this ever happened to you?

When I was finishing a sock the other night I was using my right index finger to push the left needle through the sititch as I always seem to do. I try not to do this but now I have a callous on my finger. For some reason the other night when I would push the needle through, the needle (size 1 Inox circs)kept missing the callous. I actually got chills when it happened. Well apparently I did it enough times to actually make a small hole in my finger and it started bleeding :crying: . I put on a band-aid so I could finish the sock though :wink: . Now it looks like I have an even larger knitting callous :rollseyes: .

Ouchie! :heart:

Those small needles are like pins on the ends, and they HURT! I’ve never broken the skin with them, but I have had my right index finger get so sore that I couldn’t knit comfortably for awhile. I tried using a bandaid as a pad, but that didn’t really help the soreness. I had to use my middle finger for awhile until the soreness went away. It was awkward, but effective.

I try now not to use my forefinger so much. I slide the stiches off with my thumb when I can.

I hope you heal soon! :heart:

Hugs for you and yes, it has happened to me too. I guess it’s just a way to teach us to do something differently. :wink:

I’ve had that happen. It showed me how consistent I was with each stitch because I managed to hit that same sore spot exactly over and over. :rollseyes: I used a bandaid, too, for padding. I don’t remember what brand 1’s I was using, but when I replaced them with Addis–I couldn’t stand it anymore–it wasn’t as much of a problem because of the difference in the tips.

I JUST did this. I have a callous that developed over time from my denises and my bamboo needles. I just got the Knit Picks Options and thoses are POINTY! At first I was fine…But they eventually poked a hole through the callous. I can’t believe I hit the exact same spot every time! Now i am using a bandaid to cushion it while trying to work on getting out of the habit of pushing the needle back with my finger.

Is this an English style thing? I can’t even picture how it would happen. :??

I don’t think so because I am learning conti and I do it then too (unless I am just weird…which is always a possibility.) After knitting/purling the stitch many knitters will push the left hand needle with the finger to pop the stitch off the needle.

I do knit English. When I go to pull the loop through, I guide the right needle through with my left index finger. That’s where the pokes go.

I do the pushing of the needle thing - I notice I use my left index finger to push in a funny way and the right one seems to push the needle tip. I tried to stop doing the needle tip pushing but my left finger has a mind of its own. My knuckle has started to hurt from the pushing - I think I should revisit how I hold the yarn

As a newbie, I thought this was just me… I went and bought (don’t lol too loud) cushioned corn pads to use when knitting… They are soft, and act like a cushion. I tried a quilters thimble once, and it worked ok… Then, I tried to hold the yarn differently and that helped a bit. really just trial & error… mostly error w/ me…lol


I knit conti and my callus is on the center of my right hand pointer finger.