Has the Fall 2008 Interweave Knits

subscription mags been sent out? I could have sworn I got mine, but I can’t find it! Please, someone, put me out of my misery!
Lynda M

I don’t have mine yet, but I think the pictures of the new goodies are up on the website. It shouldn’t be much longer.

I just checked the interweave site for my subscription details and the Fall issue is due to be mailed in August 4th :slight_smile:


I asked them about 3 days ago about my subscription and haven’t received my answer yet. I’m overseas and i don’t know if they ship those earlier or not.

KnittingNat… I’m overseas too… and my issues always arrive about 3-4 weeks after those in the states gets it. So, don’t get discouraged… mine will probably be even more delayed- since, I just moved- I just hope that they do forward this new issue to me!

Then i’ll be waiting for it around September. By the way, I saw your pictures from Germany - what a lovely house! Good luck with the new place:thumbsup:

KnittingNat… thanks! Keep looking for more photos… It is so pretty here. I’ve already seen ‘deer’ playing in the wheat or grassy fields as we drive along the roads- 3 different times in the past week. There seems to be another town big or small about every 5 miles here.

not yet.,

I got mine yesterday :cheering: . Didn’t have a chance to look at it yet, but at least i have something to look forward to0:teehee:. I’m amazed how quickly it came to Israel.

Got mine yesterday, too! Takes as much time to get to Pennsylvania as to get to Israel!

Got mine a few days ago…it’s a goodie… :yay:

Got mine yesterday as well…lol

I still don’t have my issue… :* (

I just got mine, and there are quite a few patterns I really like.

I don’t know why it takes so long for scrips to get to peoples home. I picked mine up at my LYS Aug 1st.