Has anyone used Marr Haven yarns?

I just got some in the mail! :happydance:

However, I took a vow this morning not to start anything new until I finish up the 5 projects I am thisclose to finishing. :rollseyes:

So has anyone knit with this before?? The colors are fabulous. (link)

I’ve not used it, but I want to after reading this http://knittersreview.com/article_yarn.asp?article=/review/product/020919_a.asp
You lucky gir, you :wink:

I haven’t used that yarn, but have used other minimally processed yarns, as well as processed fleece on my own. I love unprocessed wool, and the closer the finished yarn comes to that, the better. That sounds like lovely stuff!

I can’t wait! Do you think knitting a gauge swatch would be cheating? :wink: (got 2 of the 5 projects done today…)

Funny- I just bought a magazine from her on eBay and since she was so personable in her emails, I went to her website and fell in love with it. I know I’ll be ordering something else from her. Thanks for posting the KR link. Weird how I ‘discovered’ her backwards!