Has anyone used KA Classic Circs?

I’m about to start a project – lace thigh-high legwarmers in a fingering weight yarn – that calls for three sizes of DPNs. Trouble is, the thought of doing over 200 rows of 76 stitches on double-pointeds, twice (both legwarmers), makes me die a little bit inside.

So I found these 9" and 12" circular needles from KA online. I’m aware that Addi makes Turbo needles in the 12" size, but they’re far more expensive and I’m on a college student’s budget. I’m tempted to buy the KAs from the internet store, but I’ve heard some people say that they’re are a dream, and some people say the joins are a huge, snagging nightmare, so I worry that my money might be utterly wasted.

Has anyone here used the KAs? It would be especially helpful if you’ve used the 12" needles. Thanks!

I’ve heard that using circs that short is a real pain, just because there’s not much of either needle or cord. You might want to try doing Magic Loop with a 29-36" needle.

Magic loop or two circulars will probably be what I end up resorting to, but there’s really nothing like the endless, uninterrupted knitting of one appropriately-sized circular… sigh…

Thanks for your input. <3