Has Anyone Used Filatura Lanarota Luxury Cashmere?

I actually went to that store this week and they don’t have the good stuffs in the store; only the cheap stuffs. So I want to know if this brand is soft like others.

I haven’t used the cashmere, but I have been pleased with their linen that I ordered from Smiley’s.

I actually made 2 men’s scarves this past Christmas out of it. I ordered black. It was soft, but I didn’t think it was black enough. At $15.99 skein, I’d probably order again if I wanted to make something out of cashmere but didn’t want to pay the price. Although, at the time, I was pretty yarn-ignorant. Since then, I’ve found much nicer stuff but not necessarily 100% cashmere.

The scarves were nice, but I’m not sure that looked like I paid $90+ for the two of them.

I ordered some other yarn last year from Smiley’s and again, it was nice/ok. But I haven’t ordered anything since. I’d rather order from Elann, KP or some of the other web stores.