Has anyone use this web site

hello veryone!! i tried using this web site and i dont know if am using it right or if it doesnt work.knitpro web app. Am trying to put a pattern on a bennie that i want to make up i have tried and tried time again it i cant find the file. so if anyone has use the site and can help me. Or if anyone know how i can get the syle lettering of the ny on a hat with yz that would help me out alot.

thank you very much

I tried to pull it up, but it wouldn’t. Just froze my 'puter for a few minutes.

Hopefully someone else will be able to help you.

I think this is the link you mean. When posting a link post the one from the address bar not the text on the tab.

It gives you a PDF file. From there you can save it to any folder you want. I usually put this kind of thing on my desktop to start with so I don’t lose it.

yes that is the website. so how do i use it? i pick knit and then i pick the file where my photo is right and then what, because that where i think am not doing something right.

Yes, you pick knit and the size you want. Do you have a picture on your computer? You have to browse to find it and then click submit and it will open a PDF file. Then you click the icon that looks like a disk and save it to your computer. If you hold your cursor over the icons it’ll say what they are for. Then tell it where you want it.

Does that help? Or are you asking specifically what do with the file after you have it? In that case… uh… can’t help too much, but I’m sure someone else has done this before.