Has anyone tried

Has anyone tried Patons Kroy Sock Yarn. I’m wondering if it’s a good yarn/bargin.

although I havent used that yarn myself to make socks, I did buy a pair of handmade socks made with that yarn at a craft show (the lady charged 18.00 a pair) I have had them for over 6 months , wear them a lot and they are warm and so far havent worn out anywhere. Hope this helps,
also at my LYS that yarn is 13.00 a ball

I have a pair out of it and they are my favorite I reach for them everytime they come through the wash… I’m working on another pair right now out of the same yarn… so far mine has held up very very well…

It is a great sock yarn. I have 3 pairs made out of it, and they are the warmest, and they don’t wear out for a while, either.

Thanks! :hug:

I’ve used it as well, and it’s great.

I went to the link and read the customer reviews. Wowza! I have a couple of skeins at home that I bought but I’ll have to put them up higher in the knitting rotation. This stuff sounds great.