Has anyone tried?

Knitting with fleece fabric strips? I’m just wondering how big of a pain it would be.

My SIL bought a really pretty, off-white fleece knit blanket from some higher end store a year or so ago (before I learned to knit ;D)

So now I’m thinking that would be a pretty neat gift and maybe quick too since you could use really BIG needles.

Any thoughts or tips???

I’m bored sittin here. I should be at home sittin’ in the sun knittin’.

Sigh… is it Friday yet?

I wanted to try it, I saw it (fleece strips) in a mag & cant remember which one…humm

I was thinking about cutting my own strips and trying it out but I’m not sure how putzy that would be.

The fleece fabric is on sale at my local craft store for like 4 bucks a yard. Maybe I’ll just pick some fabric up and make a little blankie for our big baby lab. That would be a good test just to see what it’s like and if it would keep my attention long enough to finish.