Has anyone tried two at a time on one circ?

I bought the book (Melissa Morgan-Oakes), the needles and yarn. My knitting partners and I got together today, cast on, joined sock A, knit half of one round and then GOT TOTALLY CONFUSED!!! We had been totally looking forward to doing this and ended up completely frustrated. Does anyone have any words of wisdom??

You may be able to look atSilver’s Tutorialand see if that helps some :thumbsup:


I didn’t realize she had a two sock tutorial!!!

Ever since I read Anna Karinina I have wanted to know how that was done!!!

i think this one is easier than silvers- no offense, i’m just not experienced enough to follow her.


never done that before… Thinking I’d like to do cuff-first…

I know this one hereis for 2 circs and 2 at the same time…but you might be able to look it over and work it with just one circ…I tried googling around for a bit but this was about the only cuff down I could find that showed 2 socks at once…:thumbsup:

ohh I found thisblog that might work better…

I’m doing 2 at once cuff down on one circ right now- basically you just have to remember that you do 1/2 the round twice, then the other 1/2 twice. And remember to pick up the right yarn so you don’t knit your socks together! :slight_smile:

You also have to know that you cast on 1/2 the number of stitches for one sock, then all for the 2nd sock, then pull the loop of the cable through the mid-point on the 2nd sock, then cast on the other half of the stitches for the 1st sock. HARD to figure out till you get it the first time, then it makes total sense. :slight_smile: