Has anyone tried this pattern


A friend is doing it and it’s awesome. Is it hard? I know the stockinette stitch but with 4 strands on those huge needles that makes me nervous.

knitting with several strands isn’t hard, just can get a little twisty. and you have to pay attention to get all 4 strands as you go back across your stitches. but it makes things go really fast! check the general forum for lots of comments about the homespun yarn… the huge needles take some getting used to. personally I don’t like them, but to each their own! try it! what’s the worst that can happen: you don’t like it and you frog it.
:slight_smile: you can do it!

I completed this a couple of weeks ago. It took me about 1 dayto knit it and then another to make the fringe. It was the easiest thing I have ever knit. The large needles are sort of fun to work with once you get the hang of them. I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a quick gift or just a throw for yourself. My only word of caution is that it’s really long and not very wide, so it’s sort of a personal blankie, but that’s okay with me! I’m actually going to make another one for another Christmas gift!

I made a couple of these last year for Xmas and LOVE the way this works up. I used black, white, gray and variegated for one and it looked and felted so luxurious! It does work up very quickly - and you do have to make sure you grab all four strands. Those large needles take some getting used to as well, but once you find your groove it isn’t too bad. The only thing is that my shoulders and arms tended to get tired quicker b/c they are so big, and I couldn’t work on it for long periods. So I had to make sure I had at least another project going with smaller needles when I needed to put the big ones down (I know, big problem right?).