Has anyone tried this pattern?

Hi all,

I’m interested in making this.

Has anyone ever tried this? It would be the most challenging thing I would attempt to date. I’ve never used circular needles before and I’m not sure how to start! :?? Would the package have instructions on how to use them?

I’ve ordered the yarn and the needles from elann.com so I hope to get them by next week or so.


OOOH That’s PREEETY, Kitty! Have you done lacework before? Its FUN! And, the construction of the tank looks simple. No seaming, etc. That will be a GREAT project!

I glanced at the pattern and it seems pretty clear about when to knit back and forth and when to join and begin knitting in the round. Amy has a video here for joining round knitting also, if seeing that would help.

Thanks for sharing the pattern, I really like it and may want to try it!

Hi KellyK!

Nope, I’ve never tried lacework before… I hope I’m sucessful and the needles don’t give me too much trouble! LOL! The good thing is I have this forum to help me if I get stuck right? :smiley:

Ah yes, the videos! Thanks! I’ll study it out before the yarn and needles come : )

Advanced Knitting Techniques page.

The large circular knitting video is at the top of the page and there are some circular knitting tips further down the page.

Thanks Lisa!

It doesn’t look too hard I guess one of the things is to make sure I keep the stitches straight. I’ll post pics of the yarn and needles when they come : )