Has anyone tried these?

I saw these pretty interchangeables on Webs and the tips are beautiful but I was wondering how the cords are.

TIA! :muah:

These are so much like Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeables that I think there may be a copyright issue here. Personally, I’m a loyal Knitpicks fan and wouldn’t switch. The price difference is only a few dollars anyway. The tips don’t look like they’re as sharp as mine.

I just emailed Knitpicks about this. If there is a copyright issue, which I suspect there is, this company will soon be subject to court papers ordering them to stop selling. I’ve heard of clone companies being forced out of business and subject to all kinds of fines. If this happens, there will be no customer service for these if something goes wrong.

It seems to me that needles are needles, and if someone were going to be sued for “copyright issues” it would be Boye suing all other knitting needle companies (or whatever the oldest knitting needle company is suing everyone else), which is ludicrous since knitting needles have been around for ages and no one has a copyright on them. That would be like saying no one besides Mrs. Bairds can sell bread!! Which is silly!

So obviously, I’m not buying that this is a copyright issue here, but time will tell.

I say get the needles. They have a money back guarantee, so if you don’t like them, you can send them back.

There was a discussion about these new needles about a month ago. :slight_smile:

It seems to me the general consensus is that these are practically the same needles, made by the same manufacturer, but under a different brand name and with aesthetic differences to differentiate them from the KnitPicks ones.

Thanks. I have been living in Switzerland and I have not logged on as much to catch the conversations. Not that I can order either set from here but I was just curious!

Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Update: According to an email I got from Knitpicks, they are not part of their company. This is a competitor’s brand. They are not in copyright violation.

There are no patent infringements. Knit picks, knit pros and the ones from Webs are manufactured by the same company for all three of these separate companies. It’s very common in the manufacturing world that several brands are made by the same company under a different label. For example, years ago Sears Kenmore appliances were made by Whirlpool, they may still be made by them.

I have KP nickel plated options and love them! I do love the customer service. I have had cables break (nearly routinely, unfortunately) and there is never a question: KP sends out a new cable immediately. :muah:

The reason I was looking at the WEBS ones is because it is difficult to differentiate sizes without having the size stamped on the needle, esp having put them in a pencil case to move them to Switzerland. I was thinking the webs might be nice b/c they are color coded and come with needle ID tags already. I suppose it isn’t very important until I come back to the states for an extended visit.

Thanks for all your input.

Email from Knitpicks:

Thank you very much for your concern. Knitter’s Pride is a competitor of our, but they are not in violation of copyright or trademark infringement. Our trademark cover the specific coloring of our needles (the sequence the colors are arranged) for the Harmony needles and the purple cable.