Has anyone tried these?

A friend had large order, so I splurged on myself and put a pair in her stash so I got free shipping.
I really think these are handy. No more DPN’s poking out of my bag and getting caught on things in my purse.

I’m sure there is a way to make these yourself, but I can’t think of what would come in a small enough tube.


I heard (or read) somewhere that someone went to home depot and bought some really small rubbery hose, and sliced it open, and it was just big enough it fit over the dpns but was snug enough to keep the sts from slipping.

I don’t use those… I just fold my dpns togather and wrap my yarn around the knitting and the needles.

:thumbsup: Cool idea!

Some cigars are sold in plastic tubes with a topper. They may be long enough to hold the shorter dpn’s.

I normally wrap my knitting around the dpn’s too, but the ends always poke out. I poked my 4 yr old the other day when the end was peaking out of the needle bag.

I knew you guys would have other ideas on what to use. I will have to look for rubber tubing and cigar tubes.

Another thought… depending on how long your needles are, there are some “snap/shut” type glasses cases with hinges on one side. I’ve just stuck my needles in there and shut itwith the knitting sticking out. :slight_smile:

I was just thinking the same thing. Now to see if I have any of those…

Hey! I have an extra one of these cases sitting around somewhere. It might be long enough. I will have to see.

For now I’m enjoying my new tubes.:mrgreen:

I’ve been wanting to purchase some of those myself - especially after my socks fell off the needles in my knitting bag one day - UGH!!!
But now, I put little rubber bands around the ends, holding all the needles together & the yarn doesnt slip over the rubber bands. I carry them in a little knitting bag so I dont have to worry too much about the needles poking into anything - but I do still like the idea of these.
I do like the eye glass case idea too - I wonder if it hurts the yarn too much - leaves a crease?

I’m so not creative enough to think of things like eye glass case. I bought some of these a few weeks ago. THey work great. no poking, no lost stitches.

No, it doesn’t leave a crease. At least not anything that doesn’t go away very quickly. LOL

I’ve never had a problem with it. :slight_smile:

I use polymer clay for needle covers. I don’t want my dogs to get poked by them if they jump up on a couch.

Hi All! I use clean bath salt tubes. They have a cover too. All plastic. I write the size DPNs they hold with a marker. HTH Rubie

Another good idea. :thumbsup:

My eyeglass case is not quite long enough to hold my Options and they’re only 6". My older dpn’s are either 7" or 9" so that’s out. Right now I keep my dpn work in a fake leather fanny pack, but I would like to get a couple of those holders.