Has Anyone Seen?

I’m looking for a motif of a dragon. I’ve searched here, there & everywhere. I have patterns for scarves, stuffed animals, etc. but no motif. I’ve looked through motif books, and I’ve struck out.

I am terrible at drawing. I have seen a great program for motif making, but at 89.00 that eats into the yarn budge.

I’m wanting to knit my new grandson some cute stuff, w/ the motif of a Dragon, due to his name being Draco.

The granddaughter’s name is Angel… that I’ve found motif’s for…

This is what I get allowing my kids to name their own kids… gezzz lol

The book Kids.Kids.Kids, 40 Winning Patterns from the Knitter’s Magazine Contest has a great dragon sweater in it that could be adapted. Click on my www and there’s a picture in there somewhere.

http://crochet.about.com/library/blwdragon.htm has another one

The only one I can think of is in the book Scarf Style. It’s an intarsia pattern.

I found this one for crocheting :shrug: but maybe you could change it for knitting.Scroll down the page

Thanks all… now to put them on the graph… keep fingers crossed!

snowbear, would this site help? :shrug: It takes images from your computer and puts them on a graph for you, and it’s free. :happydance: If you find the dragon motifs, you can scan it into your computer and use that site to make a graph for you.

Draco–pretty cool name! Is he named after the constellation?