Has Anyone Seen?

I’m looking for an iron on patch depicting knitting needles & or yarn… Im wanting them for X-mas presents for my S & B group… so far no luck… google sends me to needles & repair patches… any help is appreciated.

NO, I haven’t seen any but I was a michaels yesterday and they had a large selection of iron ons…
If I see one somewhere i will let you know
did you try joann’s crafts… it has a lot of products geared towards fabric.

You could get some blank transfer sheets (walmart and office max I know have them) and find a knitting image online and print it onto the transfer and then iron it on.

Here are a couple:

Knitting patch #1

Knitting patch #2

I think my daughter’s troop leader has ordered patches from this site a few times, because I recognize a few other patches that the girls are wearing on their vests.


There are some yarn ball ones on eBay…no needles though :frowning:


Thanks so much… as almost all of my S & B group has denimn bags… thought these wld be good stocking gifts…