Has anyone seen the baby on TV

The baby is in front of the computer and he is talking about buying some stocks. He buys it and all of a sudden he realizes what he has done. He then upchucks on the computer and say I am ok I like buying the stock. It is for one of the e online companys. It is really funny and sick at the same time.:shock:

Yes I saw that! It’s exactly what it is: funny and sick at the same time. :teehee: It definitely worked - it got my attention! :shock:

Yup, there are a couple of them actually. I saw them during the superbowl. Pretty cute! :slight_smile:

That one is cute, but I do like the other one better. There is a clown in the background and he is talking about how he rented the clown with all the money he made on his stocks.

Oh I haven’t seen the clown one I will try to get to see that one. :roflhard::shock::ick:

I saw the computer one, it’s hilarious! I don’t want to see the clown one, clowns scare me :shock:

For the record, you never see the clowns face, and the baby makes a comment about the clown being kinda creepy which is what makes me :roflhard: :roflhard:

I haven’t either of those commercials so I will have to look out for those. but i find this hallmark commercial hilarious( and I usually hate them). Its a husband and wife sitting in the car right after they park the car. (it looks like they may have just come home from dinner) the wife gives her husband a card and says happy v-day. the husband opens it and it starts singing one of the hair band songs and they both start remebering about how they met when he was singing in a big hair band cover band and watching him with some bad 80"s hair. and he sees her in the crowd and brings her on stage. it comes back to the present and they look at each other and start kissing hard. it cracks me up every time.

It was a super bowl commercial and to tell you the truth… I found it like wrong on sooo many levels. ROFLMAO:roflhard:

I haven’t seen it, and I now know to turn it off the moment I notice it.