Has anyone seen or made a neck warmer?

I am looking for a pattern for a small scarf, not really scarf but a neck warmer. I know I saw one somewhere that slip one side into the other side. Very small just enough to cover the neck

perhaps you mean a keyhole scarf?
There’s one more on DIY network, but I can’t find the link. It’s green and has pink(i think) fun fur-like yarn around the border, which, of course, you can always omit.
And there’s one in Stitch 'N Bitch known as the “Windy City Scarf”

Lion brands has a tube scarf-its a free pattern on their Landscapes yarn. I’m not sure thats what kind of neck warmer you’re talking about, but its a chunky tube that just goes around your neck.


I hope that link works!

okay this is why i can’t read charts…the lack of 3d messes with my eyeballs. if i am understanding that little drawing to the right, when i am done, if i were to lay out the work i would connect the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner right? and don’t you stitch those together at that point or did i miss that instruction?

Thanks all. I use to have a file on all kinds iof knitting things but when my puter went back to the factory I lost all my files. D thanks, the berrocco was the closest to what I was looking for. The one I want has more of a lacy edge and was pointed like a box almost in the front. I know I saw it somewhere, this kind of thing makes me stay up nights googling.

Yeah that little picture threw me too but I think you have the right idea. If you sewed them together just straight across you’d just have a tube and not a mobious thingy.

cool…NOW…if i did a provisional cast on couldn’t i do a three needle bind off at the end and not have to worry about sewing at all? there is no reason why a 3 needle wouldn’t work for this type of thing is there? (yes i would rather do a provisional cast on than sew the ends together…lol)

kathlleen burgess had exactly what i wanted. I cant wait to make one.