Has anyone made

this or one like it?

I want to do something simular but more of a begginer’s version. All comments are welcome.


I think you could do that VERY one! there are videos on picking up sts, and we are all here to help! If you really love something, you should make it. :thumbsup:

I LOVE that pattern!! :heart: :heart: I might have to try that myself…

I’m a beginner too, and I can safely say that pattern does not look at all difficult for a beginner. Not at all!! The only tricky bit might seem to be the ruffles, but that is only an illusion. Use these videos to help with knitting through the front and back, and you’ll be fine! Plus, there are great folks here who’ll help if things get tricky.

Make it! Make it! You can do it! :thumbsup: