Has anyone made yarn from a T-shirt?

I viewed something from Youtube today about how to make yarn from a t-shirt by cutting a continuous strip off from the bottom up. GREAT idea, but what would you make out of it???

Anyone got ideas???

I’ve seen rugs made with it. Check at www.ravelry.com as I believe I’ve seen clothing, too - maybe a shrug type thing.

I’d stick with rugs. The shrugs, in my opinion, look like t-shirts that have been ripped up and knit back together. Oh wait . . . . !

That’s what I was wondering – after you cut the strip, wouldn’t it start to fray at the edges?? I don’t know if I’d wear something knit from this, but a rug or basket of some kind might work!!

Wonder if I could look up “t-shirt yarn” on Ravelry?!?!?


I’ve seen a bunch of t-shirt yarn projects on Pinterest, maybe you can find some ideas there.

I haven’t tried it, but I saw the concept demonstrated on one of the Knitting Daily TV dvd series!
It was really cool!

I’ve also seen a lady who was knitting various shapes of bowls, using yarn she’d created out of strips of plastic grocery bags! All colors…the tan ones, the white ones, all with different ink for the writing! I met her while waiting for my husband at the doctor office. She uses these ‘bowls’ for things like magazines, or newspapers. The bowl she was working on was a wide, shallow bowl. I was so impressed with her creativity!

The most time-consuming thing was cutting the bags into workable strips, then tying them together end-to-end. But once that chore is done…the knitting is a breeze! I think it’s a PERFECT WAY TO RECYCLE these plastic bags!

I’ve not seen the bowls knit with bags, but those sound really interesting. I’ve heard of purses made out of bags, but I haven’t actually seen them.

I crocheted a vase out of drapery cord once, and then gave it to a friend for her birthday. Now I wish I had it back. It’s by far the coolest thing I’ve ever crocheted.

My mom visited the Dominican Republic and came back with a tote bag that someone had crocheted from strips of plastic grocery bags!!! A bag from bags!! lol


There are lots of patterns for those.


A book of eco-friendly knits made with plastic bags

Here’s a bag made with a pair of jeans -

Here’s are a few Ravelry Groups that have patterns and info about knitting with t-shirts and other fabrics.