Has anyone made this tank?

I think it’s really cute. It says it’s for DK, but I wonder if sport would work? I have some KP shine to use.

Rib and Cable Top

It is cute! :smiley:

I haven’t made it, but have used ‘Shine’ for Picovoli, which has the same gauge as the pattern you are looking at making but with a size smaller needle. I don’t see why you couldn’t give it a try!

I haven’t made this tank, but like knitqueen, would use the KP Shine. When I made Picovoli, I used Shine in place of the DK yarn and just made the next size up. This resulted in a slightly bigger tank. Going up one size outmatched the use of sportweight yarn. So in hindsight, I could’ve made my regular size.

What do you mean by the text in red above? I’m afraid if I use a larger needle it will be too open. :thinking:

I think what she meant was that using the sport instead of dk and making the next size up made it too big, so next time she would have just used her regular sizing to make a tank that wasn’t soooo loose.

Just my .02 cents, and I would wait until the original poster clarifies, because, of course, I could be completely wrong!! lol


That’s correct! :smiley: Doing both – going up a size and using sportweight – made my Picovoli a little too big. Just switching to sportweight and knitting my regular size would’ve worked better.