Has anyone made this? C

**I can’t figure it out. I finish the base row great just as it should be, I keep going then row 6 it all goes wrong, from base row I start off with 15 groups of seven, then it’s 10 then seven and on down. I have taken it back to base row 3 times, counted all the stitches. The pattern looks right, I did convert these U.K. Stitches to US. I’m going nuts trying to figure it out. : ( and row 13 pulls everything in almost like circle…


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It may help if you quote the original lace pattern in UK sts for a couple of rows. Don’t give us the entire pattern, just a few rows due to designer copyright. (and when I say “us” I mean @OffJumpsJack or @GrumpyGramma or any crocheters signed into the forum )


Thanks! I am computer challenged and was trying to send just photo, I have sent pictures of a few rows, I’m so frustrated I can’t figure out why it starts to reduce, I’m following the instruction, argh! ?
I know I must be interpreting something wrong…

I’m trying to figure this out. What comes before “Base row”? I’m not figuring out what the multiple is, maybe it’s given in the pattern? Doubtful. I have to work it to try to see what’s what. Maybe @OffJumpsJack can do it with what you’ve posted. BTW thanks for the easy to read photos!

Here are a few more, Thanks
Sorry my computer skills are limited :smirk:

Rotated for easier reading.

I believe there is a mistake in row 2. There is a ( but not a )
(dc into next 1ch sp 3ch, 4 times.
What did you do there?
I think it should be (dc into next 1ch sp, 3ch) 4 times.

I have to take a break from this but will look at it more later. Meanwhile you could try contacting the designer to be sure of what exactly is intended by that part of row 2.

It would be great if someone else can see the problem more quickly before I get there and help get this figured out faster.

Thanks, this pattern is from a magazine from the sixties, the site that I purchased PDF from says they don’t help with pattern questions…it seems that everything goes well then at row 6 , then next row I only have 10 clusters of 7, next round 5 ??

The base row is the start of shaping the shoulders after you have divided the stitches. That is why it is both decreasing and why it is resolving to a circular neckline.
Does that help?