Has anyone made these?

I am referring to the Mexican hot pads shown on the allfreeknitting.com site.

I don’t understand how we can knit a few stitches and turn, without doing a wrap and turn. Also, this is supposed to make a triangle or ‘wedge’…and then I’m supposed to make 6 of these ‘wedges’ but there’s no sewing tog involved.

Anyone interested in helping with this? I can post the pattern here, I think it’s allowed if it’s a free pattern - unless someone here tells me otherwise. I would like to make up a few of these for last minute gifts.

Here is the pattern as posted online: [B]Mexican hot pads[/B]

These hot pads are knitted with acrylic yarn and should not be used under high heat condition, but more as decorations. Wool, naturally fire resistant, is the best substitute for well insulated hot pads. Insulated batting can also be put inside the hot pads for extra heat protection.
Skill Level: intermediate
Stitches Used: cast on, knit, bind off, slip stitch
Measures: 8” (10”, 12”) diameter
Gauge: 20 stitched and 32 rows = 4” by 4”
[li]1 skein Caron Simply Soft, red – 315 yds (100% acrylic) [/li][li]1 skein Caron Simply Soft Brights, blue mint – 315 yds (100% acrylic) [/li][li]1 skein Caron Simply Soft Brights, mango – 315 yds (100% acrylic) [/li][li]size 6 straight needles [/li][li]size F crochet hook [/li][li]yarn needle [/li][/ul] -Pattern-
[li]With red, or color of your choice, cast on 22 (26, 30) stitches. [/li][/ul] Row 1: Knit 1 row. (right side)
Row 2: Knit 21 (25, 29) stitches, turn. (wrong side)
Row 3: Knit 1 row.
Row 4: Knit 20 (24, 28) stitches, turn.
Row 5: Knit 1 row.
Row 6: Knit 19 (23, 27) stitches.
[li]Continue in this method, by knitting all right side rows, and knitting 1 less stitch on every wrong side row for a total of 43 (51, 59) rows. [/li][/ul] Row 44 (52, 60): Knit across on all stitches, turn. (one complete wedge made)
[li]Start over at Row 1 and work to Row 44 (52, 60). Continue repeating Rows 1-44 (52, 60) until the hot pad is a complete circle. (6 wedges) Bind off and leave a long tail. With the tail, sew the bind off and cast edges[/li][/ul]

Do you see my dilemma? If I just knit and turn, the working yarn stays on the left needle, but I need it to knit with. Do I just ignore the fact that it’s now on the left needle? or do I do a slip stitch or a wrap and turn. I don’t want to make a bulge in the fabric…just trying to knit a triangular-shaped wedge (or 6 of them).


Is this your pattern? http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Dish/mexican-hot-pads/ct/1

I clicked on [B]Mexican hot pads[/B] and nothing happened.

I haven’t tried them and don’t have long to respond at the moment, but had to say there are some short rows that don’t wrap. This sounds like it would leave a gap, but maybe it works… hmm… have to try it later. Do a small section and see what happens.

OK, I had to have the yarn and needles in hand for me to see what you mean. Yeah, it seems to me that the stitch with the working yarn needs to be slipped to the right needle. I think I’ve seen this sort of thing elsewhere, I will google and look at ravelry. I want to know how to do these.

ETA: This seems quite similar except for the picot edge. http://foothillsofthegreatsmokymountains.blogspot.com/2007/07/picot-swirl-cloth_25.html That stitch really needs to be slipped; whether you w&t, use the German short rows method, or simply slip it is up to you. You might try a few rows of simply slipping it and see what you think. I just turned sock heels w/o w&t and just [I]knew[/I] it would leave holes but didn’t. I realize this is a different application but I’m wondering if the round shape helps prevent holes. IMHO adapt the pattern to fit what you want and have fun!

When you turn at the end of a row, the yarn is on your left needle too. It’s right where it should be when you insert your R needle to knit that stitch. Short rows in garter stitch don’t usually W&t so just follow the pattern as written.

Thank you all! Yes, Grumpy, that is the pattern.

When I turn, suzeeq, I am NOT at the end of a row, but there are always some stitches left. Gosh I find this so confusing. I am quite sure I’m doing it wrong. When I ‘turn’ does this count as the next row, or is it the continuation of the row I am knitting.

Example: Say I am now at row 12: It says to knit 16 and turn.
I knit 16, turn. There are now some stitches on both needles, right? and I appear to be in “the middle of” a row. So I knit to the end of the row. Is that called the ‘knit row’? or do I knit a complete row after I get back to all the stitches on one needle? or do I ever get to all the stitches on one needle?

oh golly, I sound so dumb…

I think it’s few enough sts cast on that you can give it a try. It may be easier when you have the needles in hand.
Even if you’re not at the end of the row, turn [I]as if[/I] you were. The yarn will be in the correct place.

Yes, I know you’re not at the end of the row, however, for ‘short rows’ like this you turn anyway [I]as if[/I] you were at the end. The short rows are still rows. Then just knit the stitch and it will [I]like[/I] when you’re at the end. Just leave the unknit stitches on the needle and you’ll get back to them later.

Relax, take a deep breath and just follow the pattern stitch by stitch. After you do a couple of rows you’ll see how it works.

[B]You don’t sound dumb at all.[/B] It does sound like you might be unfamiliar with short rows. If that’s the case the video for turning a heel http://www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/working-the-heel-of-a-sock is a good one to look at as Amy’s doing short rows. If you watch it to see how it’s done, just ignore the decreases.

When I ‘turn’ does this count as the next row

Yes, this is a new row, a short row.

You’ll work all the stitches at row 44 (52, 60)

Row 44 (52, 60): Knit across on all stitches, turn. (one complete wedge made)

so basically you just ignore the stitches held on the right needle until you get there.


Thank you Grandma! (or do you prefer to be called ‘Grumpy’ LOL)

I got one wedge made, following the pattern very closely, not the whole circle, just one wedge (of six). Then my eyes began to cross and I had to go to bed. I am an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person. That was last night.
This morning I ran around all day in town, cuz our fridge was bare. Hubby just had hernia surgery and was hospitalized for 5 days, while I stayed with my DD in the big city of Toronto.
Compared to my almost monastic-style country life, I found Toronto stupefying, and stressful. Then we had a spin around on ice the last few minutes drive home…yikes, and me without my bp meds. We had to call a neighbour who has chains on his big tires, to help us get unstuck. We were wedged sideways across a narrow road. Good thing there was no traffic!

Will include a pic when I finish one complete circle. I’m using rough wool and may try to felt it if it’s too big.

You can call me just about anything you want, unless it’s late for dinner. :teehee: Then I would be [COLOR=“Lime”]GRUMPIEST[/COLOR]. :wink:

I’m glad that helped. I look forward to seeing the FO. When I first did short rows I thought I’d never, ever get it right.