Has anyone made the Oat Couture Ruana?

And if you did, did you like it? The only photos of it online have it draped on a hanger – I can’t tell what the construction’s like or imagine how it looks on an actual human body (what with the 3d thing, you know.)

I checked on Ralvery - while there are several people who are or have made it, there weren’t any actual photos of them wearing it.

Did you try a general google serach for it? You might come up with a blog reference to it and the blogger might have a photo of it being worn.

Thanks, Mirl, I have done a general google search for it – and just keep coming up with the one photo that they advertise it with. Maybe I’ll just have to knit the darn thing and post my own photos!!!

Once my ravelry invite comes around, I can check with those folks there & see how they liked it.

and how about that furry friend of yours? What a cutie!

Oh, thanks! That’s Hawkeye. He’s a big old mute - his Mom is a Great Pyrenees and his dad is a Bernese Mountain Dog.

I decided to go with another ruana pattern, right off the Lion Yarns website (but not the one they call a ruana). It’s the Urban Wrap . I’ll post when I’ve got progress to report. . .