Has anyone made the LionBrand garter stitch backpack?

:thinking: [color=blue]Hi all,
I’m trying to finish this backpack but I can’t figure how to attach the base to the body. Has anyone else made this? If so can you help me out? The base is so small compared to the body, it looks like I have to make gathers…help… Glenda[/color]

i don’t have the answer but i thought i would add a link to the pattern so people would have something to reference…i haven’t gotten brave enough to start something like this yet! :wink:

Here are the instructions from the pattern for sewing the base to the body:

Sew base to tube, ridge-to-ridge, 2 times,1 base ridge to 2 body ridges, * ridge-to-ridge 5 times, 1 base ridge to 2 body ridges,* rep from * to * around until last 2 ridges; sew ridge-to-ridge. Note This gives bag a bit of fullness

The “ridges” they are talking about are the garter st ridges…so, sew 1 base ridge to 2 body ridges TWICE, then you start repeating the part that’s between the *'s…sew one ridge to one ridge 5 times, then 1 base to 2 body ridges once, then 1-to-1 five times, 1-to-2 once, etc., until there are only 2 ridges on each side left. Then sew two-to-two…

[color=blue]Whoa…I better copy this because I’m at work and I don’t have the knitting with me. Sounds confusing, but thanks, I’ll try but I’m still not sure how to sew 1 base ridge to 2 body ridges TWICE???etc.[/color]

You sew one ridge to two ridges, then sew the NEXT one to the NEXT two.