Has anyone made the fetal Demise pouch?

On the shell edging it says --Miss 4 sts (1 dc ch 1) 3 times 1 dc in next st
What does Miss mean ? I do crochet but never have seen this before


ya thats what I thought.Thought maybe it was something new I hadn’t heard of. :??

hi julie. miss is UK for skip - is this to be done on your foundation chain? that’s usually where they specify the amount to skip. also, if it’s a UK pattern, dc may really be tc, as double crochet there is a treble here in america. valerie

Valerie, thanks for the information.The edging must be from the UK because it does say to chain 4 and that what you do for treble.So thats how I’m gonna do it

fetal demise??? :shock:

It’s a little burial wrap. :frowning:

Yes. :frowning: Generally it’s for when you miscarry and the fetus is too small for “typical” preemie burial outfits. They provide a lot of comfort to the recipient families.