Has Anyone Made "Summer Shawlette"?

Just got this:

from Knitting Daily. It’s adorable and I’m looking for a quick knit shawlette for a friend. Is this open in the front? I know, I should have read the directions…I don’t need to stinkin’ directions!

But I would love to see a pic of the front of it anyhow!

It was in the Knitting Daily newsletter today, and it’s basically a small shawl, so yea- it would be open in the front.

Thanks. Yes, I guess what I need is a shrug.

I’m doing lots of lacework lately and I’ve at least looked over that pattern, so feel free to pester me if you get stuck :slight_smile:

If you go to the knitting daily website, you can see some reviews and a woman posted her pics showing the front and back. It is really cute. I just ordered two skeins of lace yarn from KP and I’m thinking about making it - but maybe lace weight is too thin for this?

I LOVE that Shawlette! It’s beautiful! I don’t have the right kind of yarn in my stash now, or I’d cast on for sure!

The Jade Sapphire used in the pattern is very close to the KP laceweight yarns (I’ve only fondled the JS, but I’ve used KP lots…) you should be just fine :slight_smile:

Eloewien - Thank you so much for letting me know.

I was just looking at this yesterday.

If you go to the IK website and download the pattern (it’s at the bottom) it shows you the front.

This link will open the PDF directly

Oh that IS adorable in front! GREAT! Just one more thing to add to my “to knit” list! :wink:

So this link…it looks like a copy of the magazine’s back issue (summer 06) in PDF eh? That’s awesome! Is there a home page where I can see others???

I was just browsing around the Interweave Knits website when I found it. They have a section for free patterns. There are some really great things on there!

A bunch of these patterns are also on knittingdaily.com, a sister site. You sign up for access, but there’s a blog with helpful tips and some of the patterns are those from the magazine itself, not just the free ones.