Has anyone made one of these shawls?

Here’s the link: http://knittinggeek.com/howto/shawlworkshop.htm

It doesn’t give me a clue how much yarn to buy for it. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am going to be at a yarn shop 250 miles from home, want to buy the yarn, and can’t take a chance on running short.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, any suggestions for what size needle to try?

I forgot I lost that pattern! thanks! I’m knitting the dishcloth shawl, and it eated up at least 430 yards. I’m guessing that one you posted will be around 470ish yards. LOTS of yarn.

I;ve never seen that one but I like. I’d agree w/ noob…When I did the math to add some to my shawl I got around 500 yds (better to have extra thn not enough…

Yeah, I’d say at least 450 -500 yards. If you do the lacey option somewhat less, but I think 450 is about the minium for a larger shawl.

I looked up the pattern on ravelry, and it seemed like 450-900 yds was used - less for worsted, more for sock yarn.

900!!! Shut the front door. LOL.

It goes fast though, and probably makes a really large shawl. I use fingering (same as sock) but use size 10 to 7mm needles and can get a good sized one out of 500-600 yds

I think I will do this pattern with my new Cascade Eco + worsted instead of the dishcloth shawl…yanno, for variety. :smiley:

On the web site before you go to the pattern it say the one in the picture was made with one ball of each color. If you can tell how many colors are in the original one that should help.

Well, it may not. Every yarn has a different amount of yardage in a ball, some may have 100, others 200, or some number in between.

I just cast on this pattern, using 10.5 circs and worsted weight peruvian wool in a greeny/blue shade.

Thanks guys. The yarn I’m looking at is a DK alpaca/silk combination. I have a better idea how much to get now. Sure would hate to run short! I’m off to play in the big city today and to go to a basset hound rescue fund raiser.

:roflhard: Good luck today! Can’t wait to see what you end up coming home with!

Has fun with your Stash - Enhancement - eXpedition. :smiley: