Has anyone made headbands?

I’ve decided to let my hair grow out (no really…I will do it this time!). I need some cool headbands to hold the insanity back, but haven’t really found any patterns that pop out at me. Do you know of any good ones, and do you have any tips for making them so that they fit well, etc.? I have thin hair, and storebought ones have always just fallen off. :oops:

my daughter’s ‘teen knitting club’ book (wenger, abrams and lasher, artisan press) has a pattern in it, if you can call it that. there aren’t real specifics for sizing. basically, it is just garter stitch ~ about 1.5 " in width and 17" around. you can figure that out by determining your gauge and then alter considering your head may or may not be much lasrger than a teen girls! good luck! i was thinking of making one of these two. maybe we can compare notes.

I would think that pattern would work. Depends on how fancy you want it.

As someone getting ready to grow out their hair for Locks of Love I need some headbands too. I’ll knit some along with you!

There’s a really cute earwarmer/neckwarmer pattern in “Stitch 'n Bitch Nation” (available from a link from the “Free Patterns” tab on this site!).

I haven’t made them, but they look very cute! Probably best for colder weather. The designer’s intro even says she created them while growing out her own hair.

Good luck!


I’ve seen a couple patterns for headbands, but can’t remember where I saw all of them. This one uses some pretty wild yarn, but it has a pattern for you to follow.

Good luck!

I’m new here, I found this site today and I really like it!

Just thought I’d post a reply, because I’m also growing out my hair (again) and I also plan on never, ever cutting it short again (again). :wink:
I’ve made two of Knitty’s ‘Coifs’ this winter, one for my mother and one for me, to keep our heads warm. They work really well, and are very fast to knit.
As soon as I’ve finished the armwarmer I’m working on now, I plan to knit another coif, this time in thinner yarn and making it not so wide (I’ll just stop increasing sooner, it’s a very easy pattern to fudge), to use as a headband. It’s fun to make in very different yarns as well.
I wear mine differently from how it’s show on the site though; I tie it at the back of my head, just above my neck, rather than under my chin. I think it looks better that way.
The pattern can be found here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTcoif.html

Good luck with the growing-out!

That is too funny! I got the book Knit-Wit and it had the coif in it, and it was the first time I made. It would look better if it had a ponytail hanging out of it…but i suppose that is why I am growing my hair out. :lol:

Thanks! and good luck to you too. :slight_smile:

I talked to someone online who said they made scrunchies…

Would one really need a pattern? Could you just take apart an old scrunchie, and cast on about as many stitches as wide as the scrunchie, add some elastic and sew it up?

One thing I always do to find patterns is to go to the search button and type in “free knitted headband pattern”. You’d be surprised at how many you’ll find.

Welcome Bummble!

YarnMommy, you might try knitting in a thin elastic to help it fit and stay on better. Also, work it flat and seam it. This way your gauge will be spot on from your gauge swatch.* And if not, you can work with it: if it’s too small, no biggie, it will stay on better. If it’s too big, you can just seam it tighter, using a sewing machine if necessary to stop fraying and trim excess.

*(Since circular knitting usually comes out a different gauge, and what a pain to make a circular gauge swatch for such a small circular project!).


hey, i just found this cute/free pattern at knitty:


I made that Knitty one, Nakisha and it turned out lovely in Classic Elites Lush. You can easily just knit garter stitch headbands to tame your bangs as they grow that’s about an inch smaller than you head measurement. Or I’ve been thinking that a cabled one that’s skinny would do the trick or one of those pretty leaf patterns from IK.

Growing my bangs and hair out was irritating especially in the hot weather but it was the best thing I could have done. I am so glad my hair is longer again. I have instructed my hairdresser to never listen to me if I ever suggest that I want to have bangs or short hair ever again. It’s just not for me.

It’s always hard for me because my hair looks good shoulder length and pixie length…but not in between.

I love the idea of a skinny cable! Garter is too blah for me. (I lost the heart for it when I made the zillion scarves in garter for Christmas) There are some really neat crochet stitches in this book that my SIL gave me…so I may have to dig into my hooks and go at it. (It’s also a little easier to crochet and surf than knit and surf.) TOO MANY PROJECT IDEAS NOW!!! :lol:

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yarnmommy, i love your blog!