Has anyone knitted the toe top sock in Leisure Art's "Socks to Go"?

I’m having a real problem understanding how to do the short row heel in the toe to top pattern in Leisure Art’s Socks to Go. I’m following the instructions, but must not be doing something right because it seems like I don’t have enough stitches on the needle. Has anyone knit this?

Thanks so much!

Not me - but if you can type out the row you are having issues with, maybe the row before I’m sure someone can help.

As SAL said can we get a few rows before and after the row you are on to work on.

Also remember you are knitting SHORT rows. You knit fewer and fewer stitches each row until you hit the middle of the heel then start to increase each row until your are back to the stitch count. I have knit heels that have gone down to six stitches before the increasing again and I have a fat foot.