Has anyone knit this?

It’s a beautiful throw, but I’ve never done anything this difficult and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? And is it necessary to knit it in pieces or is it just for convenience? Thanks in advance!

I haven’t, but it’s beautiful. Wouldn’t it make a lovely wedding gift!?

It is a real nice throw!! Does the pattern call for sections? [I]It looks what I prefer to call challenging. It will be really nice finished. Good luck!!![/I]

I haven’t either, but wow, how beautiful. I added it to my faves!

I would think you could modify it to knit it all together instead of just panels if you wanted (summer is coming- it’s hot here & I think I would do panels!)

As far as the difficulty, take a look at this:

This was the 2nd thing she ever knit- she missed that it was “experienced” and just had patience & learned. That has made me feel SO much better at tackling more difficult things (after my current stuff is done, that is)

No I haven’t made it either, but it sure is beautiful!! I could probably be done all in one section but I personally wouldn’t tackle that unless I had already done it before and felt comfortable I could figure it all out and keep everything straight. I think it would be easier to do it in strips.

Thanks for the input. I think I’m going to tackle it. I agree that strips will make it easier to keep track. I have until June before my MIL’s birthday, so hopefully that will give me enough time. I think I’ll go buy some inexpensive yarn to practice on first.

Strips are easier to handle, I think.

I knit an afghan last year in strips, sewed them together and then knit a border one side at at time.

It was the border that was difficult because the piece was so darn heavy at that point. I recommend forgetting about a border, knit it separately and attach, or crocheting a border all around.

My problem is that my afghans get a lot of use and start looking raggedy real quick. I’ve made a mission to find a yarn that can hold up to the wear n tear n washin’!