Has anyone knit the "Laura Tee" from Big Girl Knit

I get paid tomorrow, and am going to buy the yarn from here. However, I was looking at the pattern and I have a question regarding some of the instructions.

Since I’ve never knit clothing before, and the yarn will be kinda expensive, I wanted to know if anyone has knit this before, and would be willing to help out a clothing virgin.

Uh, knitting clothing virgin, I assure you I wear clothing. :oops:

Hi there

I have actually started it… am kinda stuck tho because there seems to be some sort of discrepancy in the stitches (if I’m reading it right) so I can’t continue until they repost the errata on the big girl knits site (seems to have disappeared on its own… I emailed them and they said the were going to look for the lastest errata and repost it. That was since earlier this evening and I haven’t seen it repost yet :shrug: )

I’m using allhemp 3 in the colour dusty rose.


Oh, yeah, I’m so glad you’re doing it. I haven’t started yet, as I have to order the yarn, and the needles for it, but I REALLY want to make it.

Not sure if this is really a beginning garmet but ahh, no pain no gain right?

I was reading over the pattern and I have a few questions. Unfortunately, I don’t have the book with me right now, as I am on a dinner break. I’ll have to post tomorrow night.

Let me know how it’s coming out.

My question was actually answered in the How-to section. But thanks.

Great! I’m glad you got it sorted out. But there are a few mistakes in the pattern itself and the errata can be found here:


The errata was missing from the biggirlknits site but this site I’ve given you is from the author of the pattern itself (I’m pretty sure that’s who she is…)

If you need help in the initial stages please feel free to give me a holler :smiley:



It’s going to take me a little longer to start than I anticipated. I’ve agreed to do to many things for others. :oops:

But I will keep you in mind!!!

i am currently knitting this pattern myself and it says on page 101 repeat these 4 rows 7 times more working left twist every 8 rows as set. 119 sts. my question is is the left twist on the wrong side then?

If the first left twist is on a RS row, all the others will be too.

well the place that originall had the twists went on a stitch holder so i don’t think that matters anymore because on the piece that i’m knitting there isn’t any twists. also will it be at the beginning of the row or the end.