Has anyone knit Fibertrends Leaf Lace Shawl?

I am going on vacation & wanted to find another shawl to knit while looking @ LYS in the area and have decided on this one (OOPS, it didn’t come up, u have to scroll to the “Leaf Lace Shawl” on the left for the pic), I think. I like it bc it’s 2 sizes and can easily be knit in anything from lace wt - dk or lt worsted. I am thinking of using SWTC Bamboo or Oasis this time…but it all depends upon what I find while vacationing…I have decided that this is probably the project that I will buy while on vacation :wink: (and a whole other list of maybes :wink: )
I was wondering if anyone else had knit it and if so…your thought?! Please and thank you very much :smiley:

I certainly haven’t knit it, but it is gorgeous!!

Its VERY pretty. I havent made THAT one, but I CAN say I LOVE LOVE LOVE FT patterns!

:heart: that pattern I haven’t knitted it either but its really stunning!! I hope you have a nice vacation :thumbsup:

Thanks, I have definitely decided after lots of looking that this is the project that I want to find & buy the pattern & yarn for! I also have a list of several patterns that aren’t available @ my LYS that I will pick up if I see. AND the other thing that I hope to find are Susanne’s Ebony Double Pointed Glove Needles; they are also made in rosewood, but I want the ebony…I think. These are not @ my LYS, either so I want to feel them before buying them, or I would have ordered them. Anyway, they come in only 3 sizes…1, 2, & 4 and I want 2 sets of each bc I knit in tandem. So…I hope to find all of these while vacationing. LOL, we don’t leave until Dec 29th…I’m just planning ahead…know what I WANT, know what I’m looking for to ‘feel’ for future projects, not necessarily to buy @ this time…but I must feel the yarn and rub it on :eyebrow: Lonnie to make sure he likes it before making a sweater out of it…So, if we are arrested for my rubbing yarn all over my hubby in some Fla LYS…it will be bc I got carried away with the yarn :sunglasses: feeling :roflhard: :rofling: