Has anyone knit an afghan in 1 color, then weaved a 2nd?

I was thinking about knitting an afghan in one color (sage) and then when it’s done, weaving (with yarn and needle) a thinner strand of cream randomly across and up and down (maybe 7 strands=3 width-wise and 4 length-wise but not evenly spaced. Has anyone done this and had it look nice or is this a no no in knitting (I’m very new to the sport). :slight_smile:

I haven’t done or seen that, but it sounds interesting!

I can’t help but wonder if this is taboo in knitting or if it looks cheap or is considered cheating. lol I’m brand new to knitting so hopefully someone will say, yes, this is done or no, don’t do it, it will look ridiculous! You won’t hurt my feelings, I need to know! :slight_smile:

well i was just thinking that if you did it you could always take it out if you didn’t like it since you are just weaving it in. i would think it could be a cool effect.

Anastasia Beaverhausen, there are no such things as taboos in knitting! Go for it! That sounds like a pretty color combination.

Here’s a pattern that has something similar:

As far as I’m concerned there are no taboo’s for knitting.
Any novel idea that creates a thing of beauty is allowed.
It’s your work.
Create as you are led.


Although I don’t think you afghan is included here.

Anastasia, Lion Brand Yarn has a plaid poncho on their website that has one of the plaid stripes stitched on it after knitting. The pattern is a paid one, but you could probably check out the site and see what it looks like here

By the way–I like your name–Anastasia is my youngest daughter’s name, too! :heart: :heart: :heart:

When I was growing up, my mom did that – except I think they were crocheted. She had every member of our family pick out two colors…mine was two shades of blue, my sister’s was red and white, my brother’s was blue and gold (U of M!) and the family room one was brown and orange (guess what decade I grew up in?).

The afghans were kind of holey looking when made in the main color, then she would weave through the complimentary color from one end to another, and it formed the fringe on the short ends. For about 6 months it seemed there was always an afghan covering our dining room table. :rofl:

Thank you so much everyone! I may have to give it a try now!
psammeadred, that throw/poncho is beautiful! Now I’m really inspired!
cookworm, my username comes from Will and Grace (it’s Karen’s alias), but I do love the name anastasia!