Has anyone here used an alpaca/tencel blend?

Yesterday, I ordered an alpaca/tencel blend yarn from elann.com (cheap, cheap, CHEAP!) It’s for The Somewhat Cowl. TSC pattern calls for Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk. However, I always like to go the most affordable route. I almost got a KnitPicks yarn, like I normally do, but decided to try elann out. I found a yarn called Peruvian Collection Quechua in rich olive.

I’ve never knit with yarn that contains tencel. It’s made from cellulose in wood pulp. According to my internet search, tencel adds softness and drape to wool. So, I’m assuming that it will do the same for alpaca!

Has anyone else tried knitting with alpaca/tencel or any other tencel blend such as cotton/tencel or linen/tencel? I know that Classic Elite Miracle contains a 50/50 mix of alpaca and tencel.

I bought some Cascade Pima Tencel, which is Pima Cotton and Tencel. It is very soft, but I haven’t started knitting with it yet. I think I’ll like it though. Sorry, this wasn’t much help!

I love knitting with tencel blends! I also love clothing made from tencel fabrics.

Tencel is such a lovely fiber and when blended with something like alpaca, angora, or cashmere is SO soft. It has the strength of cotton but better drape and it’s easier on the hands to work with.

It has a really soft drape, so it won’t be great for anything with cables and such, but if you want something really soft and flowing, I can’t think of anything I would rather have.

When I knit up a little gown using a couple of stands of tencel that had a small amount of silk blended in and a thin strand of cashmere (from a recycled cashmere sweater) I kept going around to my family saying… feel this! Doesn’t it feel WONDERFUL!

I have some of the Quechua but I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t address that yarn specifically.

I have done blanket squares from tencel/cashmere blend and both with the squares and the gown, it blocked up beautifully.

Ok… I’m gushing, but I really like tencel!

Here is a photo of the little gown, maybe you can kind of tell the drape if you look and see how it flows along the legs of the dolls body.

Mama Bear

Ooh, that looks very nice! If the Quechua drapes like that, the cowl part of the sweater I’m making with it will drape the same way as the alpaca/silk yarn in the pattern. This is good!