Has anyone here made this bag?

[B]Doll Bag[/B]

OMG, if it isn’t the cutest darned thing! My sister would love this…uh oh…I think it’s calling my name too. :happydance:

i havent but i will!

haven’t made it, but I know a daughter or two who would like it - too cute!!!

I haven’t, but I’m so glad you shared that link! I’m printing the pattern right now. It’s so adorable! :slight_smile:

I’d like it better without the dolls hanging. Is that intarsia?

I am having visions of a school bag for a little girl who starts kindergarten in the fall!

I’m sorry, but the first thing I thought when I looked at that picture is that those dolls look like they have been hung by the neck until dead. I think it’s sorta creepy…


I didn’t think of that at first but now that you mention it…:shock:

But other than that, it’s REALLY cute, don’t-cha think? :mrgreen:

I haven’t made it either but just wanted to say it is pretty!

:oo: ooo your right. Kinda creepy is right. Maybe it could be converted someway for a halloween bag!:blooby:

I looked at that bag to make as my first (without the danglies)…but I’m still coveting the Bramble bag.

I haven’t, but I had bookmarked it awhile back. It’s very cute!