Has anyone heard from Mason?

Just checking, he seems to have been off the board for at leasdt a week. I know his mom got the package, but haven’t seen a post from him. I’m not sure where he’s driving right now, but here in the midwest we are having a band of some severe thunderstorms.
I’m sure he’s fine, but wanted to see if anyone had heard from him? Holing up in a hotel eating at restaurants that let you smoke???:waving:
ETA: yes now I see you knitting guy… keeping a low profile…

I did read his ‘regular’ blog on Joeuser, today and it sounded as though he was waiting for a load from New Jersey. I did not notice if it said where the load was going though. He sounded, on the blog, good, and also, those of us who adore the knitting_guy, you might want to check out the one prior to today. It is about saving on gasoline. I was wanted to ask him this on this Forum but he answered my questiion. SLOW DOWN. Check it out. Hey, Mason, we miss you. :waving:

I was kind of wondering, too. I know it’s not always easy to find a good wifi spot on the road though. :hug:

ETA: I just saw post from him today so all is well! :wink:

Wow, thanks for wondering.

I’m alive and well, just working a lot. Not much time for internet of late. The sweater is almost done.

Ah, you know we like to keep an eye out for our friends!
At least here we know the regular people and it’s weird when we don’t hear from them for a while. Knitters are like that I guess:muah:

Mason always pops up eventually! :yay: Not to worry!

Although, all of us should think about anointing someone in our personal life with the duty of posting a note at KH if we die! :pout:

Ever thought about it? Not dropping dead…about what your KH friends would think if you just quit logging in? :shrug:

Jeez, that’s a weird thought. There are so many of you/us that i “see” everyday or so. If I got sick I would instruct DH to log in as me and let everyone know. :??

I wonder that all the time too. I used to frequent a different forum and they had their regulars. if one of the regulars is gone for even a day, they all go nuts looking for them. I stopped posting a while ago and nobody noticed. I go back every now and then and have never seen a mention of my name. :cry: I really hope that wouldn’t happen here.