Has anyone felted Patons Silk Bamboo?

While I was accidently in Joanne’s looking at yarn…sshhhh…hubby has put me on a spending freeze, but a girl can’t help accidental yarn purchases! So anyway…
I have been wanting to felt a purse or a wallet. I think I have decided on a wallet for the project I have started. But I haven’t ever felted anything but I cant resist the feel of the yarn and the colors! There was a swatch that was all bamboo that was felted and it looked good. So I though, well, silk shrinks…so why not. But then I did research…yes, it’s totally like buying the shoes before the dress I know I know…but I couldn’t resist! The thing is, the swatch didn’t say if it was felted by washing it, or by the needle things.

What would be the best choice?


Here is a discussion about felting bamboo and silk. LINK

Cotton shrinks too but it doesn’t felt. Only animal fibers such as wool felt as far as I know. There are processes where they involve silk in a felted piece. My daughter make a wool scarf and added pieces from an old silk scarf to it and they stuck together but only the wool felted. The silk just got stuck to the wool. Bamboo yarn is a kind of rayon as I understand it. It doesn’t felt either.

Yeah, I didn’t think you could felt silk or bamboo either as they’re both plant based yarns.

Here is the link that made me think it was possible.
I think I am going to experiment with what I have…I’ll post and let you both know how it turns out.

Winblown :out:

Isn’t silk made from a silk worm? A worm isn’t an animal, but it’s not a plant. Silk is a protein, just like animal hair, so I wonder…?

Ooops, you’re right, silk isn’t plant based either, but it’s not like animal hair. Wool and other animal hairs have scales on them which grab together to felt, but silk doesn’t. It stretches a lot.