Has anyone ever

lined a sweater jacket? i’m about to knit a sweater jacket out of 100% wool and its kind of itchy so i was wondering if i could put a lining in it and if so what would be the easiest way to go about it? thanks!

In MY opinion, you would sew the lining on each piece of knitting before you sew it up. That would probably be the easiest way. Let me know how it turns out.

I’ve never done it with something knitted but I did once sew a lining into an unlined wool jacket. I would imagine it would be a similar task.

Sew the lining to fit inside the garment (sew the lining inside out). Turn the garment inside out and fit the lining to it, and then seam it just inside the ends of the sleeves. For the body, just attach loosely with a few darts and it should lay correctly without causing any pinches or bunching.

When I was in high school my mom made a coat for me out of icelandic wool. She took it to a tailor for advice on lining it, and they told her it couldn’t be done. That was the wrong thing to say to my mother :roflhard: she totally lined it, with regular lining fabric and a layer of Thinsulate in between the lining and sweater layers. Holy cow, it is the warmest coat in the entire world – in college I’d walk outside whenever I could because it was too hot to wear inside. :roflhard:

ETA…pics…I found it in my coat closet! I had a feeling it was in there…what a testimony to the quality of good knitwear :thumbsup: …this coat is almost 20 years old and it looks fabulous. :smiley:

NIce coat.

wow - it still looks like it was made yesterday. Now that is an heirloom.

thats exactly what i was looking for Julie! thats a nice coat! thanks everybody for your input. i don’t know if i’m going through a hormonal change or whatbut i can’t wear thick coats anymore so i need something thinner~ :shrug: thanks again!