Has anyone ever used this Sockotta by Halcyon?


Ebay has it for 6.79 - 400 yards (a pair and a half :))

I’ve made several pairs of socks out of Sockotta.

Yep, I’ve used Sockotta. Great colors! :slight_smile:

Um…I think Debbie is asking for editorial reviews… :shifty:

Uh… what’s there to say about it? It’s sock yarn. It’s nice. It comes in great colors. It’s a blend of cotton, wool and nylon which is a perfect blend for socks IMHO. It’s good stuff. If it’s at a good price, buy it. Make socks! :slight_smile:

What Silver said…A good yarn for one that is beginning to knit socks bc it’s not as slippery as a great deal of other sock yarns…and what Silver said