Has anyone ever used Tahki Cotton Classic?

I’ve been knitting for awhile but I’m still a “newbie” when it comes to yarn. I’ve just used yarn from Hobby Lobby and craft stores like that and have never really sprung for more expensive yarns. I really like the colors that Tahki Cotton Classic comes in for a cardigan I plan on making…does any one have any input on the yarn?

I’ve only used it for dishcloths, but I love it! It still knits like any cotton, but the color has stayed pretty nice even on dishcloths that get a lot of use. Much, MUCH better than cheap dishcloth cotton.

I have used it on several projects, including store sample pullovers and toys (sheldon from Knitty). I LOVE it, the colors stay vibrant, it is quite slippery so I would suggest needles out of wood or plastic with a more blunt tip than Options. It was a bit frustrating on metal DPNs for the toys. Tended to split when I used metal needles but when I switched to my Denise Interchageables, that ended very quickly. It also has great stitch definition for more complex patterns.

I am using it to make a scarf and I love working with it. I am a newbie and this is only my second project so I balked when my knitting instructor wanted me to use such an expensive yarn. It goes together so smoothly though I plan to use it on a lot more projects.

I use it quite a bit for baby and children’s hats and love it.

Elann.com has a mercerized cotton called ‘Sonata’ [B]very[/B] similar to Cotton Classic but not quite as nice for a fraction of the price (the color selection isn’t as extensive though). About $2 a skein versus $6. For many projects the cost savings has been well worth it.

I used Sonata for a purse from knitty.com The pattern is called “Percy”

Sorry, I just realized I am not using Tahki Cotton Classic like I thought I was. I am using something called Taiyo yarn and I’m making this scarf: http://susanbanderson.blogspot.com/2009/01/taiyo-answers-and-sweet-surprise.html. So far, so good. Can’t wait to get to the end and tear everything apart on purpose instead of on accident!