Has anyone ever ordered stuff from Spin Blessing?

I just ordered what I needed for a purse I want to make but I’ve never ordered knitting supplies online. I tried Elann and Diva and neither had the yarn I wanted so I had to look elsewhere.

Has anyone here ordered from Spin Blessing? They seemed alright but I just wanted to make sure I ordered from a reputable site.

ETA: Quick question about seaming/blocking. Should an object be blocked THEN seamed or seamed THEN blocked? The cell phone cozy I made was seamed first and then blocked and I’m not exactly sure that’s right.

I’ve never ordered from Spinblessing, but I do get the majority of my knitting goodies from the internet & have had no problems…knitters are great people :thumbsup: As for blocking & seaming, I always block, then seam :wink:

Thanks!! I shall block and seam from now on. It does make more sense, lol.

I’d never heard of SpinBlessing before, so I checked it out… Wow, they have those potholder things, with wool loops! What a funky blanket a bunch of those sewn together would make!

Whenever I’ve made something require both blocking AND seaming {doesn’t happen very often! :oops: }, I’ve blocked it first and then seamed.