Has anyone ever ordered anything from helloknitty.com?

I ordered some cotton/elestic sock yarns from this place but I never got an email from them. I emailed them today but have not heard back. Anyone has experience with this site?

No, sorry I never have. I was tempted by their $2 shipping, but their site never changed, so I passed. I did write to them once about a certain yarn and I remember they wrote back that they were testing it. But they apparently never cared enough to let me know what they found out. How long has it been? You used Paypal right? You should be protected (I think) through PayPal.

I ordered from them not very long ago, but what seemed odd is they never send you an email for confirmation. They responded my email today saying that they had a delay in shipment, and that they should get it in May 10, and then they will ship it out, and on top of that, they’ll give me 10% discount. I’ll give them a couple of more days.