Has anyone ever made this?


if so, what order do you have to put the states in to fit the criteria of what the author stated?

Wow! I can’t help you out because I’ve never made it, but I just wanted to say What a cool pattern!! :smiley: :woot:

I am guessing alphabetical order - same as list. I guess one could approach it in a few ways…alphabet order or even the order of states as they came about/were created.

I really like that and would LOVE to make it for my dad! I just don’t get how she knit it into strips. Did she go up and down and just switch colors? I guess they’re all close enough in size that you just add or subtract a few rows here and there. It would really be nice to have a better explanation on how to do it! I like the idea of doing the states in order of their joining the union.


some of the squares have 37 cast-ons, while some have 38…which is why I sort of need to know

I think she knitted in the horizontal direction for the strips (stripes), and then sewed them together

any suggestions?

Looking at the stripes, I count 55 squares. I thought there were only 50 states??

Good luck if you decide to do it!

Start with the Utah square, it’s the easiest!!:cheering:

I really would like to start this project.

I’m not sure if people are understanding the concern I’m having with this project. If you notice, each of the squares (states) have various number of cast-ons and various number of rows. I’m aware that it’s only like one extra stitch normally, but I’m sure that will make a difference.

What can I do? I already emailed the creator, and she doesn’t seem like she’s going to reply back.

You could knit one color across as one strip in which case, cast on 37 + 38 + whatever, and knit top down, 1 color stripe. Or for each stripe, put all the states that cast on 37 in one red/white up/down strip and change colors. (and then all the ones that cast on 38 in another strip)

Or add one stockinette stitch to all the 37-across instructions, either just after the first K3 or just before the last K3 and modify the patterns (or delete one stitch in all the 38 across ones…)

I think those suggestions would work - anyone else?

If you are industrious, you could knit them in the order of statehood! It’s a great project.

key: how many patterns that are like this=castons-rows long


[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS] I made a few changes on a few of the states so they would all fit together with the same number of rows. [/FONT][/B]

She says she changed it a bit so I’m guessing she must have used less border on some or added more on others? A few stitches either way won’t make much difference IMO, but a lot of rows would. I think I would just make the borders all the same size and insert a few more rows of stockinette to equal out to the largest square. :shrug:

I would like to start ASAP, but at the same time, I would like to get it right.